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Imagination, dead imagine

An androgynous head is projected as if contained within a minimalist cube. Sounds of the head slowly breathing fill the space. The head is serene, waiting. Suddenly a substance pours over it from all sides, drenching it in what appears to be a bodily fluid. The spectator wants to turn away but can not, the gaze is compelled through the invocation of the scopic drive. Horror at the repulsive nature of the substance (the abject) is replaced by fascination with the beauty of what might be considered a contemporary sublime.

Installation: 5 channel video-sound projection
Dimensions: 10' x 10' x 10'

First exhibited Foundation La Caixa, Madrid 1991

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Judith Barry_Artist_Imagination-dead-imagine_Installation.jpg

Installation shots showing a ‘pour’ head

Judith Barry_Artist_diagram_Imagination-Dead-Imagine

Pour drawing, dimensions 18” x 30”


Installation view, Mary Boone Gallery, NYC

Judith Barry_Artist_Imagination-dead-ima

Installation view, Berardo Museum, Lisbon

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