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They Agape, 1978

First screened at the Mabuhay Gardens,

San Francisco, 1978

This two projector (channel) film about two women architects is based three ideas. One, the Greek notion of ‘agape’ - a very particular kind of love. Two, Structuralist filmmaking, in particular its anti-pleasure point-of-view. Three, soap opera’s evil/angry women whose ability to transgress gives them power. The voice-over dialogue outlining the mistrust the two women feel towards each other and the punk music sound track belie the lyrical cinema-verite style filmmaking. Shown predominantly in punk clubs, the films played on two differently sized screens, separated by a great distance.

Installation and film.
Two channel film projection with audio, 30 minutes

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They Agape installation view Austrian Cultural Forum, New York


They Agape video stills


They Agape video still

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