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They Agape, 1978


Installation and film.
Two channel film projection with audio, 30 minutes
First screened at the Mabuhay Gardens,
San Francisco 1978


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This two projector (channel) film about two women architects is based three ideas. One, the Greek notion of ‘agape’ - a very particular kind of love. Two, Structuralist filmmaking, in particular its anti-pleasure point-of-view. Three, soap opera’s evil/angry women whose ability to transgress gives them power. The voice-over dialogue outlining the mistrust the two women feel towards each other and the punk music sound track belie the lyrical cinema-verite style filmmaking. Shown predominantly in punk clubs, the films played on two differently sized screens, separated by a great distance.

They Agape installation view Austrian Cultural Forum, New York

They Agape video stills

They Agape video still