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Body Without Limits

Berardo Museum, Lisbon 2010

This survey exhibition of Judith Barry’s work at Berardo Museum, Lisbon, Portugal premiered at Domus Artrium 2002 in Salamanca, Spain, 2008. At the Berardo Museum, the exhibition included 10 installations  and 3 galleries of photography, video and computer based projects.  See the exhibition catalog, body without limits, for more information.

JUDITH BARRY is internationally recognized as a pioneer of installation and video work. This exhibition showcases the artist’s relationship to architecture, conceptual art and popular culture with a particular emphasis on her media installations. She explores the potential of technology spatially within the design of her installations as well as within photography, sculpture,  and her digital and computer works.

Since her first performances in the late 1970’s, she has used film/video projection to produce unique habitable visual environments that are activated by the presence of the viewer. Each of her projects presents 

new ways for the spectator to engage conceptually within the content of the installations. To accomplish this she constructs a variety of ‘subject positions’ for the viewer to inhabit, often using montage techniques derived from cinema.  These positions function as point-of-view perspectives, allowing the viewer to both cohere the meaning of the work by inhabiting the space of the installation, and simultaneously, to ascribe a multiplicity of meanings to the experience. It is precisely this variety of forms and the breadth of her investigations that make Judith Barry so crucial to many on-going discussions within contemporary artistic practices now.

10 installations and 3 galleries of photo, video and computer works

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Judith Barry_Artist_entrance_Berardo Museum-Lisbon

Entrance to the exhibition

Judith Barry_Artist_exhibition-floorplan_Berardo Museum-Lisbon 2010

Exhibition design with Ken Saylor showing 10 installations and several rooms of other works including photographs and single channel videos

Judith Barry_Artist_Mirror-Garden_Exhibition-entrance

Entrance to the Mirror Garden installation with mirror configuration | Project Page

Exhibition installation 3D rendering | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_Mirror-Garden_Exhibition

Close-up of the two transparent screen projections | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_pictures_early-works_Berardo Museum-Lisbon

Photographic projects and single channel videos from performances and installations

Judith Barry_Artist_pictures_Casual Shopper Kiosk_Berardo Museum-Lisbon

Kiosk with Casual Shopper and First and Third projected in the passage

Judith Barry_Artist_Casual-Shopper_Berardo Museum-Lisbon

Kiosk with Casual Shopper and First and Third projected in the passage | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_Imagination-Dead Imagine.jpg

Imagination Dead Imagine, a  ‘clean head’ | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_Imagination-Dead Imagine_installation.jpg

Imagination Dead Imagine with live meal worms | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_mode-for-stage-and-screen.jpg

Entrance for Model for Stage and Screen | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_Model-For-Stage-Screen

Door from antechamber to interior chamber of Model for Stage and Screen | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_Model-For-Stage-Screen

Interior chamber of Model for Stage and Screen | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_pictures_Berardo Museum-Lisbon 2010

Right: entrance to Voice Off. Left: picture gallery leading to Work of the Forest

Judith Barry_Artist_Voice Off_Listener-side.jpg

Voice Off - listener’s side | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_Voice Off_Listener-side

Voice Off - voices side. On left side screen with curtain passage is visible | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_Voice Off_pictures_Berardo Museum-Lisbon 2010

Voice Off photographs outside Voice off installation leading to Work of the Forest

Judith Barry_Artist_Passage_entry_Work of the Forest_Berardo Museum-Lisbon 2010

Work of the Forest, 360 degree panorama with 3 screens | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_pictures_work of the forest_Berardo Museum-Lisbon

Work for the Forest 360 degree panorama, one screen | Project Page

Judith Barry_single channel_video work_Berardo Museum-Lisbon 2010

Photographs and single channel videos

Judith Barry_Artist_First-Third_video_Berardo Museum-Lisbon 2010

Passage with First and Third installed | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_pictures_Berardo Museum-Lisbon 2010

Passage view First and Third from opposite side of the exhibition | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_speedflesh_installation

Speedflesh interactive 4 channel video game | Project Page

Judith Barry_Artist_ReadingRoom-computerwork_Berardo Museum-Lisbon 2010

Reading table with books and two computers.  On Computers:  Exhibition Design documentation as a slide show, and the interactive video game, The Museum You Want | Project Page

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