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First exhibited, Fondation pour l’architecture,
Brussels, 1992

The 19th c. notion of ‘interiority’, described by Marcel Proust, is contrasted with the architectural style most
associated with it, Art Nouveau. I used Proust’s ‘whirling room’ to stage conflicting histories of African art, the Belgian Congo and Art Nouveau. Three transparent screens as a continuous panorama allow for multiple points of view and access; underscoring the different relationships that the viewer can have with this material.


The panorama allows multiple views. Above: perspectival authority and classical HW cinema converge. Interior: the whirling panorama disrupts closure. Exterior: Separate screens allow competing narratives to unfold and converge.

Installation: 3 channel video-sound projection panorama with Art Nouveau screen
Dimensions: variable
First exhibited: Foundation pour l’architecture, Brussels 1992

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Installation view: The Work of the Forest, Berardo Museum, in Lisbon, Portugal, 2010


Diagram showing the installation construction


Video still


Exhibition Book: Click here to download

060 EXPO Style Congo - CIVA-2023_small.jpg

Installation view: The Work of the Forest, Foundation pour l’architecture, Brussels, 2023

Judith Barry_Artist_Work-of-the-forest_Installation.jpg

Installation view: The Work of the Forest, Berardo Museum, in Lisbon, Portugal, 2010

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