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Speedflesh, 1998

First exhibited Wexner Center, Ohio, 1998

This interactive 360 degree surround theater, also often shown on a large curved screen as it is here, allows the viewer to experience the last 5 minutes in the lives of 5 characters who are somewhere along the spectrum between human and prosthetic. Three dimensional effects place the viewer in the center of the space such that the point of view shot becomes the most potent and only locating device—similar to the space of video games. This project explores how an immersive space might flatten narrative effect such that to engage with the work, the viewer must inhabit the center of this space as an all – seeing eye.

Installation. 4 channel interactive video-sound projection, dimensions variable. A collaboration with Brad Miskell.

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Judith Barry_Artist_Speedflesh_Installation.jpg

Installation view, curved screen showing video game wheel in foreground

Judith Barry_Artist_Speedflesh_Exhibition_diagram

Initial sketch for the Wexner installation


Video of the installation

Judith Barry_Artist_Speedflesh_Video-Installation

Installation view, close up of curved screen showing one of the stories

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