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Model for Stage and Screen, 1986

First exhibited Pieroni Gallery, Rome, 1987

Light and fog are projected in a room in which two identical disks are suspended such that the viewer stands between them. Even though you can see precisely how the piece works, you are still subject to retinal effects on your vision. As you leave the room, thinking you will regain control of your vision, you do not, you see red. The work demonstrates two of the many ways you can not trust what you see. In a sense you become a projector.

Installation. Light/fog room with chamber and anti chamber. Dimensions variable.




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Judith Barry_Artist_Model-for-Stage_and_Screen_Installation.jpg

Interior view and exterior view showing the antichamber and the door

Judith Barry_Artist_diagram-model-for-stage-and-screen

Drawing of the structure


Video of the installation

Judith Barry_Artist_Model-for-Stage_and_Screen_Installation.jpg

Exterior view and interior view showing the antichamber and the door

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