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Originally produced by Museum Jose Guerrero, Granada, 2003. Redux 2007 - 2016

This installation uses video and special effects along with architectural mirroring to evoke the secret gardens, hidden meanings, and picaresque narratives of the “converso” tradition in Spanish literature and culture, which allowed banished cultures to survive by hiding in plain sight. At first the story seems to turn on mistaken identities, but as time ruptures & slips and characters morph into cultural archetypes, it becomes an investigation of the origins of our desire for the irrational to erupt into modern narrative space. See Judith Barry, Study for the Mirror and Garden, Museum José Guerrero, Diputación de Granada, 2003.

Installation 2 channel video and sound projection with mirrors
Dimensions variable
First version produced by Museum Jose Guerrero,
Granada 2003 - 2007
Redux 2007 - 2016

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Exhibition 3D rendering


Installation drawing DA2 Domus Artium 2002, Salamanca

Judith Barry_Artist_Mirror-Garden_Exhibition-entrance.jpg

View of one entrance to the installation showing the mirrored sides and the interior mirror projections reflecting from the transparent screens. Berardo Museum, Lisbon

Judith Barry_Artist_Mirror-Garden_Exhibi

View of the 2 screen projection on transparent screens from theater seating perspective, Berardo Museum, Lisbon

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