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Untitled: (Global Displacement: nearly 1 in 100 people worldwide are displaced from their homes), 2018*

First exhibited Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston 2018

Photos of people fleeing war, drought and famine have been circulating on-line, haunting me for years. Looking up, these asylum seekers greet the drone with a mixture of relief and elation – even though the drone is unmanned and not human, and even though the resulting encounter is no guarantee of a rescue or entry into another country. This is especially poignant given that a drone sighting is often a harbinger of death. To me these images function like a banner when hung vertically, a beacon. Hopeful images of people transforming as they blend into the sky, becoming even more visible at the golden hour as day turns to night. So many faces in the clouds, they look just like you and me, beckoning us to a place beyond…. 

Printed banner on vinyl, 36 feet x 16 feet.

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Picture of the installation

Digital collage

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