The New Museum

Curator: Mathew Geller

Exhibition design in collaboration with Ken Saylor

New York City, 1990

In a series of 20 period rooms with period TV programming, this exhibition traced how television transformed the home from a site of production into one of consumption: the ‘50’s notions of ‘home theater’; the ‘easy living’ implied by labor saving appliances; the ‘60’s as the only moment when television was overtly political from Civil Rights activism to the Vietnam War; the ‘70’s
and the proliferation of technologies with portable color TV and cable; the ‘80’s and the potential for a return to production in the form of the home computer.

Exhibition design. Collaboration with Ken Saylor
Curator: Mathew Geller
The New Museum, NYC 1990

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Installation view of ‘all the channels in NYC’ circa 1990

Installation view of kitchens circa 1955 -1965

Installation view of counter culture bedroom circa 1970

Installation view of television time line with 1950 living room in foreground

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