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Curator: Brian Wallis
New York City 1987

For a year-long exhibition on the legacy of Pop Art at the Clocktower, I was invited to re-stage two pieces by the Independent Group as full-scale installations. I chose Hamilton/Voelcker/McHale’s contribution to This is Tomorrow again and Peter and Allison Smithson and Eduardo Paolozzi’s project Patio and Pavilion. Patio and Pavilion is an investigation of the English row house and
garden taken to a degree zero: the minimum needed to survive. It is basically a shed with a sand garden decorated by Paolozzi. In reconstructing both works questions of ‘installation art’, particularly how the viewer reads the work, became of primary importance. The present, circa 1987, was re-contextualized from a Proto-pop perspective. In NYC, at the height of the ‘80’s market and right before the Crash of the ‘80’s market, the critique posed by the IG Group was much less muted.

A catalogue of this exhibition, This is tomorrow, today was published by the PS1/Clocktower in 1987.

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Judith Barry_Artist_Exhibition-design_ps1_moma_1.jpg

Installation shot

Judith Barry_Artist_Exhibition-design_moma_ps1_2.jpg

Installation shot

Judith Barry_Artist_Exhibition-design_moma_ps1_3.jpg

Installation shot

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