The New Museum
Curator, Brian Goldfarb
New York City, 1995

An exhibition of fanzines and student-produced videos where the design brief was to make an environment where teenagers would want to hang out, make their own fanzines, broadcast radio shows, and generally just be ‘cool’. Initially, the exhibition was to be 100 videotapes and fanzines strewn over folding tables during a summer when the New Museum was renovating. In my capacity as Artist Advisory Board member I was asked to intervene. Working with a team of student interns, we devised a series of 8 themed music/video and zine stations. The long graphic wall showcased zine examples from many sources, while the do-it-yourself area included computers, copiers, and other production materials for producing zines. As you entered the exhibition, you checked out a pair of headphones which you plugged in at all the stations in the exhibition space.

Additionally, the show included graffiti and skateboard walls, several ‘youth-made’ video installations and a music studio.

Exhibition shot

Exhibition shot

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