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Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, 1994

For a retrospective of the fashion designer Geoffrey Beene, I was commissioned to produce a video installation that could perform two functions --- modelling the clothes and animating the tall black oblong box that is the FIT exhibition space.


Dancers, choreographed modelling the clothes, were projected to the height of the exhibition space, twenty-four feet. Three transparent screens installed full height caught the dancers movements as they seemingly traversed the space, bringing the space to life.

3 channel video installation Fashion Institute of Technology, 1994 (Designed in collaboration with J. Abbott-Miller, choreography by Linda Haberman)


Exhibition view showing one of two 24’ tall T cross structures displaying Mr Beene’s clothing as well as 2 of 3 aligned scrim screens that bisect the length of the FIT gallery.


Exhibition view showing both 24’ tall T cross structures along the length of the FIT gallery displaying Mr. Beene’s clothing. The crosses are oriented in opposite directions to produce more dynamism within the space. The double image on the center scrim captures two of the three screens as one dancer transforms into another.

Geoffrey Beene Video

Exhibition view showing a close-up of the clothing displayed on the T cross structures as well as a view of two scrim video screens. Looking across the space is another view of one of the 24’ tall T cross structures.

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