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San Francisco Pier
San Francisco 1980

While I was a student I designed ‘parties’ for a hotel chain. This project for Coca-Cola vendors revived a dilapidated Pier in San Francisco where I transformed the space.

I published this project as Building Conventions in Real Life Magazine, 1980. Seven years later the Coca-Cola Natural Foods hut was rebuilt across from Pike’s Place Fish Market in Seattle as the temporary home of the Center on Contemporary Art also known as COCA.

Judith Barry_Artist_exhibition_design_coca-cola

Exhibition site before installation

Judith Barry_Artist_exhibition_design_coca-cola

Exhibition site after installation

Most parties focus on food, but rather than asking the attendees to eat their way through the ethnic history of San Francisco, I proposed that the food displays be based on historical research: that moment when Coca-Cola gained hegemony world-wide. Hence, I proposed these naturalistic dioramas in drawing form.

None of these were done, but one of my proposals, the Coca-Cola Natural Foods hut appealed because it solved a real problem—massive amount of garbage, especially Coca-Cola cans, produced here.

Judith Barry_Artist_exhibition_design_coca-cola

China in the 1960’s where a Coca-cola dispenser would be located next to the changing room pagoda

Judith Barry_Artist_exhibition_design_coca-cola

Or a Japanese kitchen, circa 1949, where the Coca-cola dispenser replaced the ice chest.

Judith Barry_Artist_exhibition_design_coca-cola
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